I Spent the day today reorganizing our my office.

After clearing out my to be Ex- Husbands scrap I decided to take the opportunity to utilize the additional space I suddenly found myself with.

Now my work and business areas are split up into two spaces.

  • HelmHat construction takes place on the Right area where KnockOut and Breakdown reside.

  • Jewelry/ Digital Artwork and Files are on the Left where Soundwave and the other HelmHats are on display. 

Now that that is done I can get to work on catching up with HelmHat commissions. I am going to be cranking them out here very soon now that life seems to be calming down just a bit. Dad is back home with mom all be it we have a nurse coming to the house to take care of him. My Aunt and Grandma are hear helping me to take care of them for the time being so I have a bit of time to play catch up where I normally would be driving my mom to her appointments and filling prescriptions etc. 

to everyone who has commissioned me thank you so much for your understanding and patience during these rough situations. I sincerely am so grateful for that!



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  4. asklordstarscream said: No problem hon! Been prayin hard for you dear. Yay!!! That means my bracelet set will be here soon! Glad everything is going so well.
  5. anoddreindeer said: Who’s the purple guy with long horns? Also, congrats! Getting a new space to expand into is always a blast :)
  6. chrome-blade said: You are one tough cookie! HANG IN THERE!!!
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