Today Dad and I go to pick out a Plot for mom… I want her under a big shady tree in the cemetery right next to the church she loved, so everyday  after church on Sunday we can visit her and sit under the shade even in the hot summers and remember the good times we were together.  


update of this :D


update of this :D

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I been crying a lot lately… but today something managed to make me smile/laugh. 
I hope you feel better Daran.

I been crying a lot lately… but today something managed to make me smile/laugh.

I hope you feel better Daran.

5:30pm today mom, Rita has joined Jesus. She is in heaven singing praise. She has brought so many people together and touched so many lives.

She was not only my mom but by closest and best friend. 

So many have come to support my family in this, a testament to the lives she touched, and We have all praised God for such loving people in our lives you are all beautiful.

Everyone has been so comforting and for that I thank you. 

I want to celebrate her life and what an amazing mother she was. She is not dead as the “world” would see it, I KNOW she is alive in Christ and she has received the most beautiful gift of all this evening, to be with her Blessed Savior. 

She is free from the horrible pain that had plagued her these HARD HARD 6 months. Now she is free.

I love you SO MUCH mom if you read this and see this know how much I miss you, how much I love you, as I said to you today, know in my heart how much you mean to me.

 And know that despite all these trials we have faced I will NEVER give up because I do have your stubborn streak and I will be like you, and I want to be just like you were, unwavering in faith and praise.

You sacrificed everything to provide for your family even in the depths of your own fears and pain. You gave it your all for us and always did your best to provide for me the most amazing of experiences many times at your own discomfort.

You opened your home to my friends as if they were you own children. You hugged and comforted me when no one else was there and I was alone.. you were there and we were together as a team. We faced hardship together in those early rough years of my childhood and came out stronger for it. You gave me my education and encouraged me when others told me I would fail. You are so beautiful in spirit.

You comforted me so much mom… but now It’s time for you to be at rest to be comforted and know that Dad and I will be alright. I will take care of him and he will me. Even though this is killing me inside now it will only make us stronger in the lord and closer to each other.

I grieve because I will miss talking to you and hearing your voice and sharing in your humor. But I will always cherish you and the wonderful memories we had together forever in my soul. I will never EVER lose that. 

I am so honored and blessed to have had you for MY MOM.

Words can’t describe how much EVERYONE will miss your beautiful singing voice and your smile and words of wisdom.

You are my inspiration you are my lovely mother and always will be.

This is not the end.

I love you.

Mom is not going to be with us much longer.



Some clean versions of the pages that just went up on Newsrama. Windblade #1 comes out in two days!

Starscream, stop trying to act like Megatron. It’s bad for you. Unless he’s whispering to her “girl, who does your makeup??” In which case carry on.



Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on April 14th 15th 2014

wow… it’s a bit cloudy in beverly hills… but this shot is amazing.



Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on April 14th 15th 2014

wow… it’s a bit cloudy in beverly hills… but this shot is amazing.

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I need to address this somehow but I’m not sure where to start

Like I know we’ve both made a plush of the same character, so there’s gonna be a lot of similarities but… There are a lot of similarities you know…

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Mun’s Mom

Mom is being moved to hospice tomorrow…

She is vary rarely aware because of all the drugs they have her on to keep her out of pain.  her body is shutting down. sobs

I just want to hear her talk to me again. I just want to hear my moms voice again. I think she can hear me when I tell her I love her and what an amazing mom she has been to me. She opens her eyes wide and blinks at me.

I spent this Palm Sunday with my mom, family, and all her friends from church/ work who came to see her. my mom has infuenced so many people in her life so many love her so much and I think she knows how many care for her right now. I know theres always the chance of a miracle but.

My crying Dad took my moms ring of her finger today and gave it to me for safe keeping as it was advised it could get stolen in hospice. When he did that

I’m sorry I can’t type any more. 

Mun’s Mom: Please Keep Praying

To my friends and family. Please keep mom in your prayers… she is very weak right now and we are trying to get her the treatment to regain her strength so she can continue fighting off the cancer. She is so weak she cannot talk.

And to be quite honest I am very scared right now.







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I was watching TF:P when I noticed this little gem

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and yet, everyone laughs at Starscream…



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